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Jasmine Fragrant Rice – A great compliment to your dishes!

Having a bowl of fluffy and delicious fragrant jasmine rice to go along with your dishes is important as it can help bring out the flavours of the dishes which in turn lead to a satisfying meal with your family or loved ones.

PaddyKing Jasmine Rice is highly recommended as it is the finest grade of the world renowed Thai “Hom Mali” rice which derives its name from the natural aromatic scent similar to those of a jasmine flower. Regarded as the highest quality Thai rice, it is favoured by gourmets around the world and has also won many prestigious awards for its superior taste and consistent quality.


PaddyKing Jasmine Rice is hand-grown in the North-Eastern region of Thailand where is has the specific-geographical and climatic conditions that is required to cultivate rice of the highest quality. Characterised by its long and slender grains with a slightly pointed tip at one end, PaddyKing Jasmine Rice when cooked, gives off a Jasmine scented aroma and has a delicious taste with its smooth, tender texture. Together with the use of advanced technology and stringent quality controls, each grain of PaddyKing Jasmine Rice is processed to achieve the highest standard of Thai Hom Mali Rice.

In addition, the PaddyKing New crop Jasmine Rice is also another good complement to your dishes, especially so far porridge or congee lovers. The new crop rice is freshly packed into vacuum-sealed bags straight after harvest to retain its authentic flavour, fragrance and texture until consumed. As such, it has a higher moisture content which accounts for its softer and stickier texture when cooked. Therefore, these unique characteristics of the PaddyKing New Crop Jasmine Rice make it most ideal for cooking porridge or congee.


However, with the fragrance and texture as it best, it is definitely a pity to just cook porridge only. To cook rice, simply take note of the water-to-rice ratio as lesser water is required to get the best results. For example, use 3/4 cup water to one cup of rice. This will retain the firmness of the rice and at the same time bring out the best fragrance of the new crop grains.

PaddyKing Jasmine Rice is accredited with the “Prime Quality” mark by Thailand’s Ministry of Commerce and Department of Foreign Trade for attaining the highest standard of Thai Hom Mali Rice. It is now available at Cold Storage, Giant, Sheng Siong, Prime, minimarts and provision outlets.



Source: Advertorial featured on Gourmet Living magazine, Aug/Sep 2007.