PaddyKing | Thai Brown Rice

  • Premium Thai Hom Mali Grade, with a unique blend of 80% brown cargo rice and 20% red cargo rice
  • Unpolished or unmilled, providing a rich source of vitamin B, dietary minerals and fibre at the bran layer
  • Soft and tasty with a sweet nutty flavor when cooked
  • Soaking of rice is not necessary but note 1 cup rice to 2 cups of water is required for cooking with rice cooker
  • Certified by the Singapore Health promotion board as a healthier choice product
  • Ideal for all types of cuisine

Available in 1KG and 2.5KG

PaddyKing Thai Brown Rice is the finest grade of rice of the world renowned Thai Hom Mali rice. This type of rice is grown in the North Eastern region of Thailand where it has the specific geographical and climatic conditions that is required to cultivate rice of the highest quality; that is best in appearance, shape, aroma and cooking quality. Together with the use of advanced technology and stringent quality controls, each grain of rice is processed to achieve consistent quality and superior taste. It is also vacuum packed to preserve its flavor, fragrance and texture until consumed.

This whole grain rice are unpolished or unmilled so as to avoid the loss of nutrients that occurs with further processing. Only the outermost layer, the hull, of the rice kernel is removed, leaving all the natural goodness intact at the light brown bran layer. Therefore brown rice is known to have higher nutritional values as compared to white rice. When cooked, the rice gives off an aromatic jasmine fragrant and has a chewy texture. Together with its sweet nutty flavor, the PaddyKing Brown Rice definitely makes a wonderful nutritious meal for the whole family.

The PaddyKing Brown Rice meets the nutritional guidelines set by the Health Promotion Board of Singapore as a Healthier Choice.

Cooking Directions:

The use of rice cooker is highly recommended as it produces consistently good texture rice:

(1) Soaking of rice is not required but you may want to do so for 30 minutes to further soften the rice for easy cooking and also a softer, less chewy texture.

(2) To cook rice, add 2 cups of water to every cup of brown rice and allow the cooked rice to stand for 20 minutes before serving.

(3) To cook porridge, add 7 to 9 cups of water to every cup of brown rice and its best to cook it over a slow stove.

(4) Alternatively, you may cook brown rice together with your daily fragrant white rice (preferably PaddyKing Thai Hom Mali Jasmine Rice) and still enjoy the pure natural goodness.


(1) Always store PaddyKing Brown Rice in a cool, dry place and preferably in an airtight container once the rice pack is opened.

(2) To keep weevils away, put garlic cloves (do not de-skin) into the rice container/bag.

(3) Alternatively, storing it in refrigerator condition can also lengthen the life span of the rice.