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Why Brown Rice is the Healthy Choice?

Do you wonder why brown rice is considered a healthy choice as compared to white rice? Well, there are many reasons why. Brown rice is basically unpolished rice that retained its bran and germ and has many health benefits. Let me share some of these health-inducing benefits with you.

1) Brown rice is considered a whole-grain food

Brown rice is unpolished and unrefined rice. It does not lose any part of its natural “wholeness” except the outer hull which cannot be eaten. With its natural goodness retained, brown rice helps to reduce build-up of arterial plague, risk of heart diseases and high cholesterol.

2) Brown rice is an anti-oxidant

You may not know this, but brown rice is an excellent anti-oxidant. Similar to superfood such as goji berries, blueberries and cranberries, brown rice is a strong anti-oxidant that can easily replace the berries.

3) Brown rice helps to prevent cancer

Brown rice is high in selenium and fibre. Selenium aids in reducing the risk of developing common cancers, heart disease and arthritis while fibre is an excellent source of preventing colon cancer specifically.

4) Brown rice helps in weight loss and is a great choice for sufferers of diabetes

Brown rice makes the stomach feels full faster, resulting in a person eating a smaller portion as compared to a diet of white rice. It is also high in manganese which helps the body synthesize fats. As brown rice is also rich in fibre, it aids in regular bowel movements and makes digestion smoother for your body. Brown rice also helps to regulate blood sugar levels, making it a great choice for people suffering from diabetes.

5) Brown rice is rich in natural oils

We should avoid processed oil in our daily diets as they are harmful to our bodies, but naturally-occurring oils are beneficial to us. Brown rice is rich in natural oil which helps to regulate cholesterol levels in our bodies.

There are also other sources besides brown rice which you could consider. If you are tired of eating brown rice, consider whole-grain pasta, brown rice vermicelli, wholemeal bread/cereals and oatmeal. The aim is to avoid processed food and turn our attention to whole-grain food for a healthier choice!



Written by Zerlina Zhuang

Disclaimer: The article is presented in the writer’s own words based on online research and references. Sources include article from Singapore Health Promotion Board website (currently known as HealthHub).